Bassin d'Arcachon, vivre les vraies vacances
Brave the ocean waves

Brave the ocean waves

Splash in the surf

From Lège southwards to Cap Ferret lies a twenty-five-kilometre stretch of seemingly endless sandy beaches.

The ocean shoreline represents the exuberant, exhilarating side of the Peninsula, very different from the serene, tranquil bay.
Here the waves roll you over and tumble you about as if you were in a washing machine!

It’s irresistible! Enjoy splashing in the surf with family or friends at one of the supervised swimming areas – Cap Ferret’s Horizon beach, Truc Vert or the Grand Crohot beach at Lège.

Beginners’ sessions, courses for all levels or surf camp – come and master the wave!

These ocean beaches also feature some great surf spots.

Take your pick from a wide range of options including beginners’ sessions, courses for all levels, or surf camp.

Brave the ocean waves

If you prefer out-of-the-water sports, these are also great spots for jogging, walking or beach fishing.

Breathe in the fresh sea air and revel in the freedom of these wide-open spaces!

Early morning or late afternoon, the beaches are the perfect place for a game of football, a round of Frisbee or for kite-flying.

No matter what time of day, being by the ocean gives you that feeling of freedom that makes it feel like a real holiday.


Fact sheet

What is a baïne and how do you recognise one?

At low tide, a baïne forms a hollowed-out area on the beach. It may contain a little water, while the rest of the beach is dry.
At high tide, a baïne can be recognised because the area of water above it is calm and the waves don’t break over it. The water is usually darker in colour, and there may be debris floating on it.

Safety, supervised swimming, protection and advice

Before you swim out, especially if you’re a beginner, remember to check where the nearest supervised swimming areas are. And take a first-aid kit with you in case you need it when you get back to the beach.

Opening times and prices

Opening times

Supervised beaches:

From June to September

Grand Crohot, Truc Vert and Horizon

The rates

Up to you: bring your own gear or rent a board