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Visit the Île aux Oiseaux

Visit the Île aux Oiseaux

In the middle of the bay, opposite the famous ‘cabanes’!

This island, right in the middle of the bay, is a must-do visit. You can reach it from the Peninsula by boat – under sail or motor – or in a canoe.

Before you set off, make sure you check the tide tables! At high tide the island has a surface area of 165 hectares, but at low tide it covers 1,690 hectares.  The scenery is completely different – you’ll need to come at least twice to appreciate it!

The famous ‘cabanes tchanquées’ (houses on stilts), surrounded by water or by sand, depending on the tide!

This is where you’ll see the famous ‘cabanes tchanquées’ or houses on stilts, the iconic image of the Île aux Oiseaux.

Visit the Île aux Oiseaux

At high tide they are surrounded by water,
while at low tide they just rest on the sand.
It all depends on the tide!

Come and play Robinson Crusoe

The island is a protected natural area. If you come by boat or in a canoe you can moor alongside and play Robinson Crusoe for a real holiday memory.

As you follow the paths, you may be lucky enough to meet the island warden, who will give you some valuable tips about how to explore this unique site as well as advice about protecting its environment.


Fact sheet

Surface area: 165 ha at high tide / 1,690 ha of mudflats at low tide.
5 villages: L’Afrique, L’Ilot, Le Saous, Le Truc vert, and Le Port de l’île.

A listed site since 1943.
Classified as a sensitive natural area in 2008.


Opening times and prices

Opening times

Accessible all year round.

The rates

No charge.