Bassin d'Arcachon, vivre les vraies vacances
Relax and unwind

Relax and unwind

Unwind, take it easy and enjoy

Enjoy the change of pace – here the only times you need to worry about are the times of high and low tide. Please yourself, don’t do anything serious. Turn off your notifications, put away your tablet and rediscover the pleasure of the printed pages.

Settle down on the beach, at a pavement café or in the lighthouse park with a magazine or this summer’s best-seller and indulge in a little light reading.

Life’s little pleasures, quite simply...

Watch the world go by!

Stroll around the markets, watch the oyster farmers at work in the villages or observe the locals enjoying a game of pétanque.

Relax and unwind

Life’s little pleasures, quite simply…

Enjoy just spending time with family or friends, sitting down together to taste some oysters or for dinner at a restaurant, with nothing more to worry about than remembering your sun hats and the picnic for tomorrow’s bike ride or boat trip.

Just relax!

Find space and time in your daily routines – one way among many to enjoy a great holiday on the Peninsula.


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What matters is to treat yourself. Think of one of those little pleasures that you don’t usually have time for, and go for it. Take a book to the beach, unwind at a café terrace with a magazine and an ice cream, or go for a walk with your friends or with the kids.

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When you feel like it.
Enjoy your holidays.


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Taking it easy is one of those little pleasures that doesn’t cost anything.