Bassin d'Arcachon, vivre les vraies vacances
Go for a bike ride

Go for a bike ride

Follow the path and see where it leads!

There’s no need to rush, you’re on holiday – why not slow down and go by bike instead?

Make the most of the 50 kilometres of cycle paths that criss-cross the Peninsula. You can cycle the length of it from north to south or across it from the bay to the ocean.

Everyone cycles here!

On your bikes!

You might find yourself sharing the path with joggers, rollerbladers, skateboarders – or people just out for a stroll.

 On other paths, you may not meet anyone at all, but have the pine forest all to yourself!

Go for a bike ride

The paths are not only for cyclists, everyone can enjoy them!

Surfers can head for the beach by bike, with their board under their arm, all set to paddle out to sea. Parents can cycle along at a leisurely pace and enjoy watching their kids race ahead.

Or you can come back from the market laden with goodies and set off for the beach with your towels, books and picnic in the basket.

Choose your bike, cycle at your own pace, go where you like, stop where you like – and share the fun!

That’s what holidays are all about!

There are plenty of bike hire outlets!

Bring your own bike with you, or hire one here on the Peninsula. You’re spoiled for choice: bikes of all shapes, sizes and colours, traditional tandems, Bikers, Australian or Dutch bikes, with or without a basket!


Fact sheet

50 kilometres of cycle paths on the Peninsula, most of them flat and shady.

Please respect signage and give way as indicated.                               

Be careful on cycle lanes – you are sharing the road with other vehicles.

If you are involved in an accident on a cycle path, it will help the emergency services to locate you if you can tell them the letter and number indicated on the nearest milestone.

Opening times and prices

Opening times

Pick up a map of the cycle paths from the Lège-Cap Ferret tourist office.

The rates

If you’re hiring a bike, the hire charge is the only cost involved.

And if you have your own bike, you can set off right away (don’t forget your helmet).