Bassin d'Arcachon, vivre les vraies vacances

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The peninsula of Lege-Cap Ferret,
it's 10 villages and as many atmospheres, landscapes and travels.
Lège – Le Grand Crohot Plan all your holiday excursions here! Lège is also a great base camp, where you can prepare all those expeditions that go to make up a real holiday.

An administrative centre, Lège is a hub for the whole peninsula.

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Claouey – Le Four Full of promise Somewhere to stay, places to eat, fun things to do,
almost everything you could want or need, within easy reach

Almost as soon as you arrive on the peninsula the village of Claouey sets the tone, and already offers a complete change of scene!
Here is the promise of a real holiday.
It’s like nowhere else - unique and authentic.

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Les Jacquets – Petit Piquey Le Petit Piquey is the ultimate secluded spot! The select terraces of its oyster huts are patronised by connoisseurs.

It’s a place where time stands still, and you really feel as though you’re on holiday.

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Grand Piquey Naviguer, bricoler, pêcher... This is the place for water-sports enthusiasts!
Find chandlery supplies and all the nautical treasures you could wish for at the ‘comptoir de la mer’, in one of the secondhand shops or at the ‘puces du bassin’.
There are boats and jet skis for sale or hire.

Ideal place to stock up on lines, shackles or any other spare parts you might need if you’re planning a sailing or fishing trip.

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Le Truc Vert Attracted by the idea of spending your holiday by the dunes and the ocean? Le Truc Vert is the place for you!
Here you can forget about everything, really swith off.

If for you holidays are all about enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of nature, you’ve come to the right place!

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Piraillan Nature-lovers, this is the place for you! Discover a 40-hectare nature reserve teeming with natural life.
Come and take a real breath of fresh air!
Because that’s also what holidays are all about.

But don’t imagine for a minute that you’re on your own: you’re surrounded by a whole world!

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Le Canon Un décor de rêve ! Here, in the middle of the peninsula, you’ll find quiet, peaceful, sunny spots on the beaches and with the dune du Pilat in the background, it’s a dream setting!

If what holidays are all about is doing just what you like and not doing what you don’t like, then this is the ideal place!

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L’Herbe A typical village with An unusual chapel and a picture-postcard oyster district - colourful vibrant streets.

A cinema backdrop for a real holiday in an authentic unspoilt location!

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La Vigne A dream destination with a touch of glamour! A marina with an air of the french riviera, surrounded by waterfront villas and a beach that’s perfect for basking in the sun.

In the sun or in the shade, the beach is the ideal backdrop against which to immerse yourself in the summer’s best-seller. You can still keep an eye on the kids diving from the raft in the swimming area, while the little ones are having fun at the club.

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Le Cap Ferret The magic always works here – the magic of a real holiday. You’ll find yourself reliving bygone memories of those long, seemingly endless summer holidays!

First of all, immerse yourself in the colourful atmosphere of the market, typical of south-west france

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